Kambas ng Lipunan ni Joey Velasco

(I thirst)

I was with my friends at SM when we come across a friend who invited as to an art exhibit featuring the works of art of Mr. Joey Velasco. I didn’t know the artist then but I love to go on an art exhibit so I was pursued to have a look.

(In thy wounds)

(Hilumin mo)

It was one of best masterpieces I have ever seen. It was then that I knew that Joey Velasco (the painter) is a Filipino visual artist who dared to journey in a field, gingerly trodden by Filipino artists in religious art. we had a chance to meet him personally where we grab the opportunity of trowing queries on his thoughts about his artworks. The forty two year old artist considers himself just a paint brush being used by the Divine artist. He regards his talent as a gift from above.

(Hapag ng Pag-asa)

His most notable piece is “Hapag ng Pag-asa” (Table of Hope),which is one of my faves, a recasting of the “Last Supper,” where Christ shares a meal with hungry street urchins. It depicts the story of poor homeless children, despite the despair and poverty that surrounds them, still carrying on their lives with Jesus as their only hope.

These poor people hold on to the truth that God will never abandon them, even if the walls of the earth crumble down. (Hele)

A simple reflection from the painter.

“So, whenever you try to help the poor, you always get back more than you give. You learn the meaning of courage. You learn the meaning of sacrifice, you see the beauty of love. Above all, you feel the strength that comes from faith, and hope, and trust in God. You realize the power of prayer.

The strength of this country is not on the top. It is not in the politicians. It is not in the military, or in the police. It is not in the big businessmen.The strength of this nation is in the squatters’ shacks. Though we do not say it, our real power is in our courageous poor, praying under the bridge.”


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